Hoofies stands for Head OOur Families

Cross-grade families exist at our school.  Each family is made up of one pupil from Grades 1 to 7.

These families meet every third week for an hour to discuss issues presented on an agenda.  This agenda is designed by the Head: Student Affairs. Training is given to the Grade 7’s prior to the HOOFIES meeting. Each class teacher has 4 HOOFIE families under her/his supervision.

  • Grade 7 pupils become Family Leaders.
  • There are 128 families in the school.
  • 32 adults in the organisation become HOOFIES (Heads Of Our Families)
  • Seven students in each family led by a Grade 7.

Family Successes

  • It forms a good support system
  • Pupils get to know another adult in the building
  • There is an increase in comfort levels at school
  • Self-esteem increases
  • There are relationships across the Grades
  • There is continuity - each family stays the same, as a Grade 7 exits the Grade 6 becomes the family leader when Grade 7 is reached and a new Grade 1 is allocated.
  • Connections are created across age groups
  • Guidance and advice is given
  • There is a sense of acceptance
  • Increased resilience is created

When people feel heard - they calm down!